"Creature" logo / avatar.  I wanted the stand alone logo to have an analagous / edgy look to it.  There are 3 distinct elements that make up this logo: the top "horns" also have the appearance of a helmet, the ear is a link in a chain and the earring gauge is a skateboard bearing.
COTW is the shorthand abbreviation of Creature Of The Wheel.  COTW will be used throughout the branding on all media to represent the name to include t-shirts, headwear and hashtags (#COTW)
"Knock out" logo against a dark background
Social media + main logo avatar.
Creature Of The Wheel Typography stand-alone brand name.  Font/typeface = "Franchise"
Creature Of The Wheel hand-lettering stand-alone brand name.
The Primary logo (at left above) is used on most of the apparel and merchandise and is used on social media avatars.  The COTW text (center above) was created as a short hand alternative for apparel and is useful for hashtags and social media.  The hand-written logo (at right above) is a more natural, emotive graphic and presentation of the brand name.
Snapback hat embroidery design sample
Lifestyle photography with COTW headwear
www.cotwgear.com mobile website design, built on shopify ecommerce platform
Market / trade show tent branding and design
Market / trade show tent branding and design

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