A brand of specialty folded paper napkins for NPS Corporation
A brand of industrial spill control products for NPS Corporation
Logo for "Blind Partisan", a local Wisconsin political discussion group
Savona - a local Wisconsin rock band
Logo design for a local Wisconsin business that builds custom headboard aquariums

This was a brand name and logo I developed for a line of recycled polypropylene based spill control products manufactured by NPS Corporation
Logo design for NPS Nonwovens, a specialty fabrics division of NPS Corporation that focuses on soft, stretchable component fabric materials for use in the adult care, wound care and baby care markets.
Logo design for Melts With You, a sandwich melt shop in Depere, WI that has a vintage, 1980s theme to the decor and branding.
Here's a new logo done for Doomsday Groove, a local band in Green Bay. I know it's not the most appropriate imagery in the world, but...it still looks pretty good

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